At a first glance, every person appears to be just another anonymous face in the crowd. We are all human beings, and we all share a similar ancestry.
When we start to familiarize ourselves with others, we begin unfairly dividing people into groups. Instead of standing united as one human race, we flee from one another like a disease. Human vocabulary has countless words solely used for the purpose of placing people into categories. We rush through life without stopping to notice just how much each of us are alike. Yet at the most fundamental level we are all the same. We all want to love and to be loved. We all want to savor the sweetness of life and are willing suffer the grueling bitterness of pain and despair for just a small taste. But we are a conflicted race, relentlessly harboring hatred within our hearts against the differences between people, the very differences that should make us strong.
The color of one's skin, the deity of one's faith, the choice of one's true me, our shared characteristics as a people is the most beautiful thing about our race, far more than the differences that divide us. But if we don't slow down to look, we will miss it. "There is no them. There are only facets of us."

Hi, I'm Edmund and this is my blog.

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